<p>Welcome to the Web Church!</p>
Welcome to the Web Church!

Welcome to the HCC Online Church Family! 

Dear Friend,

Thank you for being a part of our online church community! I'm grateful that you have chosen to be a part of the online services and are being blessed by the ministry.

While the ministry headquarters is in Beltsville, Maryland, I would like to invite you to partner and become a part of growing the Hope family as an online attendee or online member.  

As an online attendee, I invite you to continue to participate in the worship services, conferences, Bible and Discipleship classes. and Corporate Prayer that take place online. 

Ideally, the local church in person experience is the highest value to our spiritual life. HCC stands to partner with you if you wish to join HCC as an online member. 

HCC online members will benefit from:

  • Online LifeNet Small Groups
  • Direct Pastoral Care
  • Online mentoring and discipleship with Apostle Michele and the leadership of the ministry

If you are ready to join the church and you do not reside in the immediate area, please complete the form.

Yours, in Turning Hearts to Jesus,

Apostle Michele Jackson
Senior Pastor