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Issue Focused Ministry

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At HCC, the Hope Healing House offers a unique format for effective ministry: Issue-Focused Ministry (based on the format pioneered by Chester and Betsy Kylstra at Restoring the Foundations) to help you become free and grow into the image and stature of Jesus Christ. Often times, there is one major issue that stands out to us in our lives. It’s the one that everything seems to hinge on and brings us trouble.


Through it all, we may feel ashamed, fear, anger, pain, regretful or confused. Perhaps the issue flares up or is triggered only in certain circumstances, environments or relationships. Perhaps this has been an on-going issue. The Hope Healing House Ministry Team can help you. 


Our issue focused ministry will focus primarily on the issue bringing trouble in your life. Together, through prayer, you and your healing ministry team will discover how the four spiritual sources of our problems work together to inflame your issue. You and your healing team will apply biblical truths to each source of the issue as we listen to God for both counsel and direction to bring forth the healing that Jesus Christ purchased for you on the cross. The ministry session is customized to you and lasts approximately three hours These three hours can profoundly change your life as God sets you free from the root causes of an on-going burden in your life. This is the starting place for all seeking inner healing, desiring to be all that God has called them to be or those seeking deliverance.

Please contact hopehealinghouse@gmail.com and a member of the healing team will contact you to schedule you for personal ministry.