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Grow Discipleship/Membership


Grow Discipleship Class
Fall 2021 Schedule


**All classes will be held online**

On-site registration is not available. You must pre-register and pre-pay to attend the online classes.

We believe that the best way to develop your relationship with Jesus is to get connected to His church.

Our Grow Discipleship classes are biblically based and designed to help you grow in your relationship with God in the mission and vision of Hope Christian Church.

Learn biblical insights and practical keys to Turn your Heart, Develop your God-given Potential, and Advance the Kingdom of God.


The Encounter is the first section that consists of three classroom sessions and  a  Encounter  two day seminar. (Encounter Weekend)

You will learn about the meaning of salvation and reconciliation with God.



The Turn classes are four weeks where you will begin to learn the vision and mission of Hope Christian Church.


The Develop classes will encourage you to develop your potential through the Word of God, prayer, and your spiritual gifts over four weeks.


The Advance classes consist of four weeks where you will learn how Family Life Groups, ministry, generosity, and evangelism can help advance the Kingdom of God.

**Schedule of Classes**

Fall 2021 

Encounter Lesson 1 - 09/15/21

Encounter Lesson 2 -09/22/21

Encounter Lesson 3 - 09/29/21

Encounter Weekend Lessons 1-2 -10/06/21

Encounter Weekend Lessons 3-4 -10/09/21


Turn Lesson 1 - 10/13/21

Turn Lesson 2 - 10/20/21

Turn Lesson 3 - 10/27/21

Turn Lesson 4- 11/03/21


Develop Lesson 1 - 11/10/21

Develop Lesson 2 - 11/17/21

Develop Lesson 3 - 12/01/21

Develop Lesson 4 - 12/08/21

Advance Lesson 1 - 12/15/21

Advance Lesson 2 - 12/22/21

Advance Lesson 3 - 12/29/21

Advance Lesson 4 - 01/05/22