<p>Kids, Middle School & Youth </p>
Kids, Middle School & Youth 

Family Life Ministry ReOpen

The Family Life Ministry of Hope Christian Church is moving forward in our plan to reopen children’s ministries early in 2022.  
Our Kingdom FUN ministry, for children from infancy to 4th grades, and our F.I.R.E. ministry for children from 4th to 7th grades. will be discipled by our team of  anointed and dedicated teachers.

We can't wait to open our classrooms again! 

Our ministry is designed to influence the next generations of the church but we need your support. If you are interested in working in children's ministry use the link below and signup to volunteer.
Tell us:
·      If you have teaching skills
·      If you love to fellowship with babies, young children or youth
·      If you have administrative or IT skills
·      Or if you simply have a heart for children and want to serve

Family Life Volunteer Signup