<p><strong>Guest Speaker</strong></p>

<p><strong>Apostle Sharon Parkes</strong></p>

<h3><strong>July 21, 2024</strong></h3>

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Guest Speaker

Apostle Sharon Parkes

July 21, 2024



Guest Speaker | Apostle Sharon Parkes

Apostle Sharon Parkes, an ordained minister with Christian International, oversees the healing and deliverance ministry of Christian International Network of Churches. With a strong prophetic anointing, she empowers others to embrace their prophetic gifts. Her ministry radiates life and joy, driven by a deep desire to see people liberated from shame, fear, and any hindrance to their wholeness. We invite you to join us on July 21, 2024, for a profound word from Apostle Sharon Parkes.

Bring someone with you, and let's experience a breakthrough together!