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Witness Institute

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Witnessing Institute

Sharing our faith and ministering to others is one of the things we do here at Hope Christian Church.  We believe part of our faith is ministering to people and leading them to salvation in Christ. This bi-weekly outreach ministry is dedicated to teaching, training, and launching you to be an effective witness for Christ. No previous training or experience is needed, and do not let shyness keep you from stepping out on faith.  Remember - our goal is to reach 20,000 decisions for Christ in the next 10 years.  We can do this if we work together!

Classes will be held online every other Wednesday at 7 pm. beginning April 17th. Outreach opportunities will take place on Saturdays at 10 am, the same week as training starting April 20th. 

12 Month Calendar of Events

Witnessing Institute classes and hands-on evangelism will occur from April to September each year for 12 Sessions.

Here are the dates for 2024:

Class: Wednesdays Evangelize: Saturdays
04/17/24 4/20/24
05/01/24 5/4/24
5/15/24 5/18/24
6/12/24 6/15/24
6/26/24 6/29/24
7/3/24 7/6/24
7/10/24 7/13/24
7/24/24 7/27/24 
8/14/24 8/17/24
8/28/24 8/31/24 
9/11/24 9/14/24
9/25/24 9/28/24